Lecture Offerings

Lectures and comprehensive digital handouts are available for each of the following radiation and cancer biology topics:

  • Introduction and Overview - Free sample download (.pdf)
  • Radiation Chemistry
  • DNA Damage and Repair
  • Genetic, Mutagenic, Cytogenetic and Epigenetic Effects of Radiation
  • Modes of Cell Death
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Survival Curves
  • Sublethal and Potentially Lethal Damage Recovery
  • RBE and LET Effects, High LET Radiotherapy
  • Radiation-Induced Effects on the Mammalian Cell Cycle
  • Transformation, Carcinogenesis and Risk Assessment
  • The Tumor Microenvironment 1: Oxygen Effect and Hypoxia
  • Radiosensitizers, Radioprotectors and Bioreductive Drugs
  • The Tumor Microenvironment 2: Tumor Angiogenesis and Metastasis
  • The Tumor Microenvironment 3: Immunology and Immunotherapy
  • The Tumor Microenvironment 4: Drug Resistance
  • Normal and Tumor Cell Kinetics
  • "Early" and "Late" Effects in Normal Tissues
  • Radiation Histopathology/Cytokines/Volume Effects/Retreatment Tolerance
  • The 4 R's of Radiotherapy
  • History of Modern Dose-Time Relationships
  • The Linear-Quadratic Isoeffect Model

The entire lecture series (approximately 40 lecture hours) has been developed with the educational needs of the radiation oncology resident in mind.  The first half of the lecture series only would be more appropriate for medical imaging residents (approximately 20 lecture hours).  

An approximately 20 lecture-hour course suitable for fulfillment of the ABR radiobiology requirement for therapeutic medical physics is also offered.

Less rigorous lecture offerings are available for radiographers and radiologic technologists (10-15 lecture hours) and radiation therapists (25-30 lecture hours). 

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