2019 Teaching Options

Raw Data Services is willing to work with you to tailor a program to both meet your particular needs and fit in with your hectic schedule. The following teaching options are currently available on a first-come, first-served basis:

Full Courses:

The complete 20 hour (medical imaging), or 40 hour (radiation oncology) lecture series delivered at a time, schedule and location of your choosing, is available for a consulting fee of $9,000 (20 hour course) or $15,000 (40 hour course), respectively, plus all expenses. Comprehensive lecture notes are provided for course participants from the sponsoring institution.  Lecture notes themselves are not available for sale.  (Residents: Please feel free to discuss this institution-based teaching option with your training program director and/or Chair.)

A course suitable for therapeutic medical physicists is available for $9,000 plus all expenses.  This course ranges from 15-25 contact hours, depending on whether supplemental content on modern cancer biology and associated methodology is included.

Discounted rates are available for full courses (ranging from 10-30 hours) suitable for radiography, radiologic technology and radiation therapy trainees.

Custom Lecture Modules:

Custom lecture modules on specific topics are available at a rate of $500 per lecture-hour plus all expenses; please note that many of the lecture topics take more than one hour to complete.  Lecture hours billed in 15 minute increments.

Special Presentations:

Upon request, Dr. Zeman would also be amenable to offering her services through relevant radiologic societies or organizations, for example, in conjunction with local, regional or national meetings, or continuing education conferences.

Further questions?  Feel free to e-mail Dr. Zeman using the form below.

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